How to deal with Executive Search Consultants – My Personal Roadmap to Success

The Myths About Headhunting

Got a phone call by a Headhunter offering you a great next career move? If so, congrats. However, you may find some of the 3 Points important to note before sending your CV and disclosing too much of personal data to a complete stranger:

  1. They are not all the same: Make a distinction between in-house recruiters, contigency-based or retained-based search firms and you will feel the difference!
  2. They work for the hiring organization (not for you)!
  3. Building relationship with executive search firms is a two-way street: Don’t initially ask them what they can do for you but how you can help the Consultant to make a real Impression!

If you are really interested in the subject, have a look at my presentation: Workshop_ExecutiveSearch & more.

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