In meinem Blog berichte ich regelmäßig aus der Welt des Managements und gebe Karrieretipps.


#Gastbeitrag: Digital Leadership
How do I create trust and psychological safety in a digital-only environment where work and personal matters merge?

As the novelty wears off and the crisis follows us even at the beginning of 2021, leaders both in their workplaces and in our communities will face a different set of challenges brought about by the lack of eyeball-to-eyeball interaction, and the impact of leadership will become more important.

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What happens when the next shareholders ring on your company’s bell?

In case you are a passionate and rather founder-like Managing Director, you will never forget the day, when your owner is informing you about the objective to find a potential “strategic better fit” for the ownership of your business. And this draws the positive scenario being pre-informed, no “fait accompli”, and so having fair and must-use chances to influence the planned change of order from your perspective, which has the potential of becoming a positive or negative tipping point for the company.

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